Mohamed Ababou / NHAE : Chronology (WIP)

2017 : Before the Recognition / The Pre-Shitpost Era

January 2018 : The First Moments of Fame

In January 2018, Ababou joins a few english mathematical groups such as The Name Of This Group Is Left As An Exercise For Its Members or, most notably, > implying we can discuss mathematics, often abbreviated as >implying, or >m, which he joined a bit earlier, in mid-january. There's not much to say there, so I'm just going to make a post dump instead :

February – April 2018 : The First Downfall

It kind of started in late January to be honest, but members started getting fed up by this whole thing : In late January 2018, the Numbers Have an End group was created in order to keep the meme going outside of >m (mainly), far from all the people who were kind of fed up with the joke.
In a long awaited post from the admin of >m from late March 2018, we see that Ababou, or even mentions of him, were no more welcome :
« Let me be unequivocally clear.
Ababou is banned. He will always be banned. He has tried to get into this group over 75 times. He has stalked myself and other well-known users of this group, and harassed them. His name is blacklisted by Facebook, which is why his accounts are automatically deleted.
Posting about him is not welcome here. If you do it, I will tell you not to. If I have to tell more than one or two people about this in a short window of time, I will start muting people. If you are not aware, mutes on Facebook groups have been extended from 1-24 hrs now up to a week. I am not above recording who I have muted for this and for how long, and escalating.
Take that shit elsewhere. I am DONE talking about it and policing it. No more. »
(Mar 28, 2018) []
Pretty much everyone agreed that it's fair, or even rejoiced that it was finally banned. To this day, it's still very touchy to talk about it, but occasional mentions of him are kindaaaaa tolerated, but not so much either.
Meanwhile, on the NHAE group, the OGs clearly lacked a lot of the most recurring names of Ababou shitposting we know now, but it wouldn't take very long...

Springs 2018 – 2019 : The Renaissance & the Great Ideological Wars

In late April 2018, all the way to May 2018, the group saw an unprecedented boom of membership and shitposting. The Ababou lore started developing in very peculiar ways. In this era, we started discussing the nature of Ababouian calculus, and some of its fundamental properties. One of the most important ones was isofabism, which is the theory that f (🆎)=🆎 for any function f. As far as i've searched, it's Graham Robertson who theorized isofabism in this post :

(May 11, 2018) []

Its origins aren't very clear. (Back then i thought it was just to justify that 🆎+1 or 🆎^🆎 or whatever wouldn't be greater than 🆎, which is heretical and bade,,,, and i did use it as such : (Jun 6, 2018)). Other controversial theories started popping as well, such as the theory of Numbers Have To Leap The Naughtiness (Dingfei Aoshu Zhang) were theorized a bit later as well :

(Jun 21, 2018) []

Of course, from these theories, arised criticisms (e.g. Ryan Cole, Jun 7, 2018). Some advocated for a more moderate view of things, such as what we could call weak isofabism, which states that f (🆎)=🆎 for all increasing function f, and not just all functions. But some, started to doubt isofabism more radically, founding what we now refer to as anisofabism. A few precursor posts of this thought started arising in July : Anisofabism really became a whole movement in August : After some point, we started LARPing for some reason and started waging wars for our ideologies, sometimes saying we defend our lands on NHAELand and other weird shit like that. That was pretty much chaos for quite a while, and this led to the creation of many chat groups. At some point, Markus added the admin of >m in one of these, and very quickly after he kicked a bunch of us from >m. Fortunately we were able to come back, but oh boi that was such a shitshow lol.

February – May 2019 : Ababou's Hot Takes & The Second Downfall

So, in early 2019, Mohamed did many homophobic statements and people starting making fun of him : And of course, Ababou's hot takes didn't end here. In early May 2019, he also started being racist lol : And in late May 2019, when we thought his takes couldn't get any spicier, he started denying the fucking h*locaust happened : Like the last post of the last comment i've linked implies, we were a bunch to all leave the group that day, even a bunch of mods like myself. Some of us joined back after a while, but for exemple took me until November 2019 to get my ass back on there. Not just saying that for centering stuff on myself, it's just that i have no fucking idea what happened from June 2019 to November 2019... :' target='_blank'>

December 2019 – Spring 2020 : The Messenger / Discord Call Era

In december 2019, Ababou started calling us on the multiple NHAE Messenger groups we talked about earlier. He didn't talk at all, but he did say at some point he'd use a mic. Meanwhile, i decided i'd start investigating more about the guy, and that's where i discovered his email from his Alnoor bill that's linked earlier, so i mailed him on Dec 7, 2019. Meanwhile, the problem of Ababou's mic wasn't solved. So we waited... and waited... At some point we kind of lost hope that he'd ever actually get a mic and that we'd be ever able to hear his sweet, prophetical, finitist voice. Never will we be able to know if he actually was the one to talk in the video. There is no more hope, life is meaningless and we're pecks of dust on a rock drifting in space which someday will get devoured by the star which currently gives us heat and li- and then he actually did get a mic oh well nevermind :

(Dec 21, 2020) []

After this huuuuuuuuge event, he kept calling us and shit, at some point he even told us a story in arabic just because we said why not, and also to verify if he really could be Ababou. We then invited him on Discord, in which he kept on talking and listening to people in the voice chat, as well as keeping to write his "hot takes" and stuff again.

March 2020 : The Investigation Goes On

In March of 2020, he finally answered to my e-mail, and uhhhhh... Here's the conversation content. So, basically, i talked to him about if he had a Facebook account, and at that time his account was deactivated so he said "No i don't have an account". Then i asked him if he did have one, when he used it and where he posted stuff, and he said "Yeah i had one and i only posted on NHAE", but he didn't tell when (there were a looooot of accounts — ad>min wasn't joking — and a lot of which were deactivated at different times), so i asked him and he just sent me a link to his new twitter account in the end. That was a really frustrating exchange, but at least we know the authentic Ababou was indeed on the NHAE group.

Late 2020 : The MMM Floodgate